Fish Tank Supplies

Water Siphon -
A water siphon is a hose-like suction object that uses gravity and force to flow water from a higher level to a lower level.

Algae Scraper -
An algae scraper is a tool used to scrub algae off the inside glass of a fish tank. It has two sides, one rough and one soft.

Fish Net -
A fish net is ideally used to move fish (e.g. to another tank or down the toilet). Another use it also has is to clear debree and excess food out of the fish tank.

Water Conditioner -
Water conditioner is a checmical supplement used to dechlorinate (among other things) our tap water to make it safe for your fish. It is usually a liquid, but is also available in a disolving solid material.

pH Test Kit -
A pH test kit is used to test and change the level of acidity and alkalinity in a fish tank. It contains a pH indicator solution, pH up (alkalinity), pH down (acidity), a spoon, a small cup, and a chart. Some parts may be sold seperately, make sure you have them all.