Step 2: Cleaning Ornaments and Glass

You will not be needing to remove your fish during this process. You should only ever do that if it's absolutely necessary.

First place a clean towel on the floor in front of the fish tank, or where appropriate to hold the objects that will be going in the fish tank and to catch any water spills.

You should start with cleaning the ornaments. Carefully take them out and hold them under a tap with water running, whilst using your sponge cloth to try remove the algae. You will probably notice algae usually grow in the indented areas, which may be difficult to get to. If this is the case, you can try letting them sit in hot water for 10 or so minutes. Do not use a tooth brush as that wears off the paint (I know from experience.)

Algae Scraper

Next you can use the algae scraper on the inside glass. You start with the rough surface, and then use the sponge surface going in an up and down motion. A fair amount of algae usually grows around the gravel, so you may need move the gravel out of the way to get down further.

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