Step 3: Water Change and Cleaning Gravel

After cleaning your ornaments and glass, you will probably have noticed a lot of debris are floating around in your tank. Use your fish net to collect some of this, and then rinse it off the net under some tap water.

You are now ready to use your water siphon to do your routine water change, as well as cleaning your gravel. But you first need to know how much water you are going to change. It can vary depending on how often you do it, the size of your tank and how many fish, but a safe amount would be 10-15% if you do it weekly (or 25% fortnightly). You may want to do some research about it, though.

Make sure your bucket is placed BELOW your fish tank, and put the small end of the siphon inside the bucket to catch the water. Put the other end inside the fish tank and gently (but fast) shake it up and down until water has been sucked up and is flowing out the other end. While this is happening, push the siphon gently into some areas of the gravel to vacuum some more debris out. You should not clean all of the gravel, only as much as you can in the time given. Once you have reached 10-15% (or however much) of the water, pull the siphon out and the suction will stop. Empty the bucket down a drain.

I have provided a video for using the siphon, click here to view it.

NOTES: You may have needed to empty the bucket and repeat this if you did not have enough room to take it all, or you can use two buckets. An alternative method to shaking the siphon is to suck the end of it with your own mouth, making sure you quickly take it out before it gets in your mouth, hehe. I personally have never tried this way though.

You are now ready to add fresh water along with your water conditioner.

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