Step 5: How to test the pH level

You are just about done. One more thing you need to do is test your pH level. You should have with you a pH test kit; which should include a pH indicator solution, pH up (increases alkalinity) and pH down (pn acidity), as well as a small cup, a small spoon and a chart.

pH level chart

First examine the chart. You are aiming for your pH level to be around 7.0-7.5, which is a green-blue colour. Fill the small cup with your fish tank water up to the indicated amount. With your indicator solution, squeeze a couple drops (or as specified) into the cup, lightly tap to mix it together.

You will notice it turns a certain colour. If it is yellow, than your pH level is too low and you need to add a spoon of pH up into your tank. If it is blue than your pH level is too high and you need to add a spoon of pH down. If it is green then that is neutral. Add accordingly, again you are aiming for a 7.0-7.5 level.

Well done you have just cleaned your fish tank!

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